Happy Valentine’s Day from Belgrade Raw

Supporting each other is the key principle of Belgrade Raw cooperative. Here you can see how Milovan helps Nemanja make photos look more spontaneous. Today we were scouting locations for our project, (more info in March!) but since it also happens to be the Valentine’s Day (ser. Dan Zaljubljenih) we decided to share a few words and pictures. Although traffic collapsed in Belgrade yesterday (and entire Serbia) due to a high amount of snow which fell Friday night, this Valentine’s Day was definitely a hit. Especially at Kalemegdan fortress. Lighting was just perfect – soft and diffuse, and there was a plenty of snow. Just look at those cute snowmen!

Too bad the snow will probably melt in a day or two, I’d love to contribute with my own snowman! Or snowmonster. Until then, here’s your Valentine’s Day greeting from Belgrade! I just couldn’t resist taking this picture. It was such an easy take, almost a cliche minimalist snap. But I like it’s lonely lovers lost somewhere atmosphere. Well, Happy Valentine’s!

About Willy Ronis and a certain nude

Browsing through Willy Ronis’  (the recently passed Mr Ronis was my favourite French photographer, I really enjoy the pitch of his photos if there is such a thing; you could say I just fell for his voice) monograph (Taschen 2009) I noticed a nude of his wife that reminded me of a girl I know. It is a very intimate photo and besides the resemblance of the girls, it somehow felt close to me.

I felt the urge to try and recreate that photo, similar maybe to the way that smaller bands make covers of famous songs. I was thinking of a location that would be suitable and once I ended up at the one that I expected to be great and once I started setting up the scene, I found how little things about the original photo started to overwhelm me – the quality and nuances of light, the model position, the angle of shooting; it all started to jump at me more vividly than during any inside-the-mind-only analysis of a photo I’ve ever done.

It inspired me to give interpretations and provide visual codes that would replace any of the missing pieces of the original photo that I could spot and after the whole shooting, I somehow really felt exhausted in the best way possible. I don’t know if the result is interesting, any comments are most appreciated, but I’ll be happy to make more of these covers/tributes/photocopies whenever something involves me in such a way.


(Deena Reading)


(Jelena reading)

PS Willy Ronis passed away days after I made this photocopy. I hope he would have seen it as a tribute;

Photos on my mind, pt. 1

Hello everyone, we’ve been quite silent recently and that was mainly because we’re working hard and preparing some new stuff for everyone to see. It should be online in next 10 days. There’s a few interesting stories that we want to show but you’ll see what’s going on soon. There’s some other material I wanted to share with you right now, and it’s been stuck in my head for, lets say, last two month. We all know that from time to time some photos can occupy our minds and thoughts. Some of them will stay forever in that small box we call a brain, and others will fall into oblivion after some time. Recently I’ve been thinking constantly about two photos that were made by my friends and BelgradeRaw members also, Andrej and Zeljko.  They are engraved in my head for quite some time. At first I was impressed just by their content and how they affected me visually.

©Andrej Filev/Belgrade Raw

©Željko Naić

After that I’ve started to realize that these two photos actually go well together, I’ve started to look at them as very similar, coherent images, despite the fact that these are photos of animals, shot during the night using flash. That’s obvious.

On the other hand, there’s also differences that are playing a major role in discussing/reading these images. Atmosphere: barking and running, aggresion and need of escaping from all kinds of disturbance, etc.  I don’t want to go further with this, because everyone will see different stories and interpretations. Personally, I see these two pictures as a puzzle, a little story that can be told only by looking at both photos. That’s the reason I’ve paired them in my mind, and now here. Hope I’ll pair them on my wall too, as nice, big prints.

Big bravo for Andrej and Zeljko, for capturing these great images and for being that fast. See you around very soon. Until then make a wishlist for Santa Claus cause I’ve heard that he’ll come this year for sure.

Flashback – a project by Palo Markovic


This is a project by a Slovakian photographer Palo Markovic.  He created it at a photographic exhibition “Fall of Communism”,  which was staged on a couple of public squares in Bratislava. He posed people in front of the photographs thus including them to the events originally portrayed.

The original exhibition  presented photographs that have been made in the autumn of 1989, during the social changes that took place in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania. This is how Palo describes his project: “I’ve been confronted once again with situations that happened 20 years ago when the edge of history made a cut one more time. It was the revolutionary autumn of 1989 when people behind the iron curtain had met in the streets and demanded change. My generation had been too young to be allowed to participate. Me and my mates were watching those events like tourists in own country. And these memories now return as flashes in the dark, revealing obscure development of history in time.” Palo also organised a guerilla marketing action, attaching a poster for his project (shown above) to the original billboard for the exhibition.


Palo can be found at http://www.lightstalkers.org/palomarkovic

Donald Weber workshop in Belgrade

Today we’ve been on an amazing workshop/lecture with Donald Weber, VII Photo Network photographer.

He was really great and we’ve definitely learned a lot about making serious photo stories, editing them and working with photo agencies. Beside that, we’ve been looking at some good examples of photo projects by various photographers. I was blown away especially by the amazing Christopher Morris and his photo essay “My America”, and notes from British photographer Tony Ray-Jones (more about this topic and content from his notebooks in near future, it deserves a special blog post).

This is the second time in last 15 days that Donald Weber was in Belgrade, and he was so generous to share with us huge amount of his knowledge and experiences from photography field. Thanks to him we had a great portfolio review a week and a half ago, and this weekend we had this workshop in the office of Media Photographers Association of Serbia. After that, in the evening we had an informal meeting, four of us with some other local photographers, foggy and cold night on Belgrade streets with a standard amount of tea and alcohol (you can see that Zeljko still smokes; and four of us in the pub, having discussion about some post-production things – photos by Srđan Kalinić).



6:15am Hello World message!

Hello World!

This night we had a great meeting at Luka’s place, uploading photos, discussing, cleaning up our Flickr pool and having a decent amount of wine. I got back home at 3am to discover I have no water in my flat for some reason, that I’m hungry but out of bread, tired but still had a lot of coding to do… As usual, we exchanged some 10-12 emails back and forth and here it goes – 6:15 am and I’m writing this welcoming blog post! All this was just to show you how enthusiastic we all are about BelgradeRaw! It’s been a lot of work in the past few weeks and we’re more than happy to say it’s finally online! If you want to know what’s “Belgrade Raw” really about, you can take a look at our about page, or even more practical – take a look at out archive! And don’t forget to follow us online (Twitter, Facebook).

Belgrade Raw meetup

Serious photo editing

Now really working


Learning Flash w/ longer exposure technique after some wine

Ok, I’m seeing double. I’m off to sleep. Thanks for visiting.