Belgrade Raw / 5 New Members

The Possibility of FlightDarko Marjanović

Ada CiganlijaJelena Mijić

The New BelgradeDejan Golić

Underground Train StationDušan Rajić

Pulling itMane Radmanović


Even when we were just contemplating founding Belgrade Raw, or rather, founding something, because there wasn’t even a name or a clear idea what would it be, it was our goal to discover like-minded photographers who chose Belgrade as their everyday playground. It’s been a few years and we’re happy to report we have found five more. We hope that their photographic vision presented in the context of Belgrade Raw finds you wanting more.

The first chance to really enjoy their photographs will be the exhibition opening on May 9th, at the Artget gallery in Belgrade. As you may have read here, we were invited to curate the Artget gallery in 2013. Belgrade Raw: New Members will be the first exhibition of many to come for the rest of the year, as part of the “Raw Season”. (The detailed program for the season and Photo-Fair, which also starts on May 9th, will be announced soon).

We have also started adding (and will add a lot more) the new members’ works to our photos section, so make sure to visit there as well.