New website and the first exhibition in Belgrade

Dear visitors, we are happy to present the new version of our website. The presentation of photos is streamlined, they are larger and easier to browse through. We have also added special sections dedicated to our new activities. One is dedicated to “Foto-Sajam“, an annual event we first organised this spring, another to the Belgrade Raw photo-book that we will publish for Rostfrei, and we also plan to keep our blog active, so check in here for news, and expect regular updates in the photo archive section!

In other news, we are currently on show in Belgrade, and at the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art no less!  The occasion is the second edition of Photo-documents, an exhibition of contemporary Serbian documentary-rooted art photography, curated by  Miroslav Karić, Sladjana Petrović Varagić and Una Popović. We have presented ourselves with a large wall-sized installation, with many prints of various sizes.

Photo: Milan Kralj (more photos of the entire show here)