Belgrade Raw book on it’s way!

Yes, we’re doing a proper book!

Rostfrei publishing, a young publishing house from Slovenia, approached us with the idea of the first Belgrade Raw book. So far we can’t say much, but we will post updates to our blog as we are able.

Ever since we formed in 2009, we had the idea of doing a book. A real one, with 500+ copies, hard-cover, the one people can buy as a present, an art piece, a souvenir and all that. Doing such a book on our own was clearly impossible, or nearly impossible at best, so we never took it too serious – but sort of kept dreaming.

We were quite thrilled when Rostfrei Publishing – or to be more precise, Jaka Babnik, one of the founders of Rostfrei – approached us.

Here is us, with Jaka, looking at sample cover sheets, over beer and coffee.

Looking at different cover sheets for our book

So far we can only say the book will have over hundred pages, hard-cover with cloth. If all goes well, we should have it by the end of the year or so.

For other info, follow our blog 😉