Belgrade Raw in Regensburg

In September 2011, we had our first comprehensive exhibition. It took place in Regensburg, Germany, in an unusual venue for exhibitions – a shopping mall.

When we were approached by Miroslav Karic, a curator from Belgrade’s Remont gallery, to be included in his selection of artists representing Serbia at the Donumenta Festival in Regensburg, we were intrigued and thankful for the opportunity. The huge space that is the hall of Donau Einkaufs Zentrum mall presented a challenge, since we had to find a way to fill the 250 square meters enclosed by the movable walls that constituted our exhibition space. We decided to use a large number of prints (presenting a main Belgrade Raw edit and also 5 more or less independent projects by each of us) and also to dedicate a part of the space to a slide show room, where we presented constantly updated work from the Belgrade Raw Flickr group pool.

We’d like to thank Regina Hellwig-Schmid and the whole Donumenta team for helping set the exhibition just the way we hoped we would.

The exhibition itself was, in my opinion, a success, we had a lavish opening, with free cocktails all night and a varied buffet. It has to do something with the venue being a shopping mall. But when I thought about it, there is no downside, really, at least when you have in mind the type of work we were showing. We had a big, well-lit space, with a huge amount of people passing by everyday, many of them stopping and taking a look, even before we finished setting up. Another interesting thing which I haven’t thought about much beforehand is that this wasn’t your usual “gallery audience”. They are regular people, and putting aside the fact that I haven’t been too happy to spend 3-4 days in the mall setting the whole thing up, I think it was a great opportunity for us to reach this sort of audience and I was really happy for it. But, enough with the rant, here are some photos from the setup, opening, as well as of the actual exhibition and also expect to see a feature made of photos that Andrej and me made on our day-trip to Munich.

Veronika and Andrej setting up the wall with his project from Wien.

Andrej at work (that’s Darko’s Roma Youngsters series)

An interesting ray on light on a photo from Luka’s series Suburbs.

The main Belgrade Raw room, featuring a gigantic print of Andrej’s photo of an angry dog in a car.

A curious observer in the Belgrade Raw room (before the setup was finished).

One of the walls of the exhibition

The opening speech by the mall’s director

Crowd at the opening

Andrej’s series from a tombolo at a Serbian Community Center in Wien.

A bunch of small prints that served as an invitation/peek to the projection room.

In a separate room photos from our Flickr pool were being projected.