About Willy Ronis and a certain nude

Browsing through Willy Ronis’  (the recently passed Mr Ronis was my favourite French photographer, I really enjoy the pitch of his photos if there is such a thing; you could say I just fell for his voice) monograph (Taschen 2009) I noticed a nude of his wife that reminded me of a girl I know. It is a very intimate photo and besides the resemblance of the girls, it somehow felt close to me.

I felt the urge to try and recreate that photo, similar maybe to the way that smaller bands make covers of famous songs. I was thinking of a location that would be suitable and once I ended up at the one that I expected to be great and once I started setting up the scene, I found how little things about the original photo started to overwhelm me – the quality and nuances of light, the model position, the angle of shooting; it all started to jump at me more vividly than during any inside-the-mind-only analysis of a photo I’ve ever done.

It inspired me to give interpretations and provide visual codes that would replace any of the missing pieces of the original photo that I could spot and after the whole shooting, I somehow really felt exhausted in the best way possible. I don’t know if the result is interesting, any comments are most appreciated, but I’ll be happy to make more of these covers/tributes/photocopies whenever something involves me in such a way.


(Deena Reading)


(Jelena reading)

PS Willy Ronis passed away days after I made this photocopy. I hope he would have seen it as a tribute;