Belgrade Raw / 5 New Members

The Possibility of FlightDarko Marjanović

Ada CiganlijaJelena Mijić

The New BelgradeDejan Golić

Underground Train StationDušan Rajić

Pulling itMane Radmanović


Even when we were just contemplating founding Belgrade Raw, or rather, founding something, because there wasn’t even a name or a clear idea what would it be, it was our goal to discover like-minded photographers who chose Belgrade as their everyday playground. It’s been a few years and we’re happy to report we have found five more. We hope that their photographic vision presented in the context of Belgrade Raw finds you wanting more.

The first chance to really enjoy their photographs will be the exhibition opening on May 9th, at the Artget gallery in Belgrade. As you may have read here, we were invited to curate the Artget gallery in 2013. Belgrade Raw: New Members will be the first exhibition of many to come for the rest of the year, as part of the “Raw Season”. (The detailed program for the season and Photo-Fair, which also starts on May 9th, will be announced soon).

We have also started adding (and will add a lot more) the new members’ works to our photos section, so make sure to visit there as well.

Curating the Artget Gallery in 2013!

We are just back from a meeting at the Belgrade’s only photography-focused gallery. It is at a prime location (the republic square) and they offered us to collectively lead art-direction of the next spring-winter season. We accepted and we have lots of ideas on what to do. Expect a lot more news on our plans soon! Until then, here is a snap from the meeting:

New website and the first exhibition in Belgrade

Dear visitors, we are happy to present the new version of our website. The presentation of photos is streamlined, they are larger and easier to browse through. We have also added special sections dedicated to our new activities. One is dedicated to “Foto-Sajam“, an annual event we first organised this spring, another to the Belgrade Raw photo-book that we will publish for Rostfrei, and we also plan to keep our blog active, so check in here for news, and expect regular updates in the photo archive section!

In other news, we are currently on show in Belgrade, and at the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art no less!  The occasion is the second edition of Photo-documents, an exhibition of contemporary Serbian documentary-rooted art photography, curated by  Miroslav Karić, Sladjana Petrović Varagić and Una Popović. We have presented ourselves with a large wall-sized installation, with many prints of various sizes.

Photo: Milan Kralj (more photos of the entire show here)

Belgrade Raw book on it’s way!

Yes, we’re doing a proper book!

Rostfrei publishing, a young publishing house from Slovenia, approached us with the idea of the first Belgrade Raw book. So far we can’t say much, but we will post updates to our blog as we are able.

Ever since we formed in 2009, we had the idea of doing a book. A real one, with 500+ copies, hard-cover, the one people can buy as a present, an art piece, a souvenir and all that. Doing such a book on our own was clearly impossible, or nearly impossible at best, so we never took it too serious – but sort of kept dreaming.

We were quite thrilled when Rostfrei Publishing – or to be more precise, Jaka Babnik, one of the founders of Rostfrei – approached us.

Here is us, with Jaka, looking at sample cover sheets, over beer and coffee.

Looking at different cover sheets for our book

So far we can only say the book will have over hundred pages, hard-cover with cloth. If all goes well, we should have it by the end of the year or so.

For other info, follow our blog 😉

Chromes – Volume 1

William Eggleston’s Chromes (vol 1) – sifting trough (for 1080p, click trough to youtube):

Happy new year and marry Christmas from Belgrade Raw

Belgrade Raw in Regensburg

In September 2011, we had our first comprehensive exhibition. It took place in Regensburg, Germany, in an unusual venue for exhibitions – a shopping mall.

When we were approached by Miroslav Karic, a curator from Belgrade’s Remont gallery, to be included in his selection of artists representing Serbia at the Donumenta Festival in Regensburg, we were intrigued and thankful for the opportunity. The huge space that is the hall of Donau Einkaufs Zentrum mall presented a challenge, since we had to find a way to fill the 250 square meters enclosed by the movable walls that constituted our exhibition space. We decided to use a large number of prints (presenting a main Belgrade Raw edit and also 5 more or less independent projects by each of us) and also to dedicate a part of the space to a slide show room, where we presented constantly updated work from the Belgrade Raw Flickr group pool.

We’d like to thank Regina Hellwig-Schmid and the whole Donumenta team for helping set the exhibition just the way we hoped we would.

Click for more text and pictures

Report and plans

Hey, it’s been a while, but there’s lots of good news:

  • We’re now officially registered as a Non-profit ogranisation.  We have a stamp and all. Hooray! Hopefully, this will give us more of a chance to realize some of the offline projects we’ve been thinking about for a while.
  • We took part in a Fotoforum talk at Students’ city in Belgrade, where we had a nice talk with Ivan Petrović, who did an excellent job preparing the whole talk, the slideshow. It was a very novel and good experience for us and the audience seemed to enjoy it, too – there’s even a blog post (check it out, it’s in Serbian, but there are  also photos) by Dejan Danailov, a photographer/blogger based in Belgrade. You’ll see a couple of our snaps from that night below, too
  • We are finally taking part in our first proper exhibition! (hopefully). We have been invited by a curator from “Remont” gallery, Miroslav Karić to participate in Donumenta, which is an art-show held every year in the German city of Regensburg,  where art of countries of the Danube region is presented. This year, it is focused on Serbia. We are all set to participate, but are still not sure if we will have the funding to produce our exhibition (we have been offered a huge 200 square meter space inside a mall there). If you now someone or a company that would like to help with this, please e-mail us at
Here are a few photos from Fotoforum:

Nemanja, Darko and Andrej at Fotoforum, also a glimpse of an audience.

Nemanja as a lead vocal, Darko and Andrej assisting.

Nemanja, Miroslav Karic and Ivan Petrovic after the Fotoforum talk.

We hope you enjoy the double photo-blog post bellow, and expect (a lot) more from us soon!

Disappearing Belgrade, by Michael Bowring

If you wanted to know about things and places that disappeared from Belgrade during these transitioning years, (or will disappear sometime soon) you’d probably turn to us locals. But after more than seven years he’s here, Michael Bowring is no stranger to Belgrade. In his Disappearing Belgrade series, he shows some of those things that used to be a part of Belgrade’s (sub)culture.

Here is an excerpt:

DŽKC club (photo: Michael Bowring)

Stray dogs (photo: Michael Bowring)

Don’t forget to check out other photographs he’s put up on his blog too, and read his comments—they are far from being a foreigner’s stereotypes, and still on healthy distance from a local’s patriotic-fueled ones.

Belgrade Raw Bar Book #1

After 9 months of labor, we’ve finally completed the first Belgrade Raw “bar book”. It is a book chained to a bar in order to be at drinker’s disposal.

It is already put in it’s place, in the Cultural Center GRAD and was printed at home, plasticized and then we drilled holes, put in a couple of rings as binding and a chain to prevent people from taking it home. Currently an edition of one, but we hope to make more of them and spread around the city.

If you are interested in having a Belgrade Raw book in your bar/pub/center, or know a patron that might be, don’t hesitate to contact us. In any case, head out to Grad and check it out. We hope the chain will hold and it’ll still be there when you come.

Some fanfare

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been quite successful in this year’s Press Photo Serbia competition.

Darko won a special jury award for his series of Roma portraits, called Gazela youngsters, and Luka won an award for best photo in the “Art” category for this photo from the festival Kids’ Patch. At least a dozen of Milovan’s photos were selected for the exhibition, including a couple from his series Biden meets Belgrade. Nemanja was also represented with 4 photos from his trip to United States last summer and we had a pleasure to preview the book Acdcnyc he made from the photos from the trip.

Master of photography and martial arts – Darko demonstrating some of the moves he learned while photographing the Roma portraits

We are also happy to congratulate Sanja Knezevic on winning the Grand Prix of the competition and Matt Luton of Dvafoto for the prize for the best photo in the “News” category.

The exhibition itself is an improvement over the last, at least I feel so. Less cheap shots and less politics related stuff (probably some connection there) and more involved and long-lasting personal projects. All in all I think it’s quite worth a look (it’s currently in Belgrade’s Artget gallery on the Republic Square and it’s going to travel around Serbia in the following months).